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In this day and age, almost every building structure was constructed with a concrete floor. Concrete floors in warehouses and distribution centres are integral to the efficient operation of the facility. A well designed and constructed floor will increase productivity, reduce maintenance of the building and increase the life of the equipment using the floor.

With more than 30 years experiences, FACE Floor Technologies (ASIA) Sdn Bhd have worked to deliver the best possible concrete floor measurement services in helping our customers to ensure their concrete floor tolerance is in compliance with worldwide floor standards and specifications.

Our prime intention is to add value to the brand - The Face® and foster the importance of concrete floor standards and specifications in the Asia-Pacific market. FACE Floor Technologies (ASIA) Sdn Bhd will be the focal point of contact as liaison office in Malaysia to link between the head office, The Face®, to study the market in Asia-Pacific and disseminate information to the parent company.

There are a wide variety of standards available for use in specification and classification of floors in the global market such as: ASTM F Number System, Surface Regularity (BS 8204 Part 1 or Part2), TR34 3rd and 4th Edition, German DIN 18202, DIN 15185, VDMA Guidelines, EN 15620, FEM 9.831 or FEM 9.832 standards etc...
Generally, any floor tolerance standard is better than none; all are useful to one degree or another as benchmarks to check floor tolerances, but some are more useful and more flexible than others.  There is considerable commonality between some of these standards which are widely used throughout the world, but there are also very considerable differences between them. The decision on which floor specification to use is often dependent on the country of origin by habit or tradition rather than by true utility.

This is where FACE Floor Technologies (ASIA) Sdn Bhd will come in. We will review the floor specification and the project requirement and provide expert floor consultation. We will ensure the right floor specification is being specified and provide detailed analysis of data and report for the concrete floor assessed. Incorrect floor specifications and standards can result in development or construction defects. In matters of expert witness testimony, our team has a broad range of experience as certified technician under the American Concrete Institute in categories of ACI Commercial & Industrial Flatwork Technician, ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician (Grade I), ACI Concrete Flatwork Associate and ACI Concrete Flatwork Technician.

We believe that this is a business of optimism, and in that spirit we continue to grow and evolve.

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